Pre-Construction / Project Planning

High end construction projects are not typical or cookie-cutter affairs where one plan fits all.  Each new project brings with it fresh challenges with design, site conditions, planning and building department requirements, logistics and budget. Bringing the team together early in the process helps assure the overall efficiency and success of the project. Critical preconstruction issues such as planning, design, construction methods, value engineering, schedules, permitting and budgeting cost are paramount to the success of the construction process. Preconstruction process is a thoroughly collaborative effort that includes owners, owner’s agents, architects, engineers, consultants and builder. Each discipline has its own unique set of skills and perspectives they bring to your project.

Feasibility and Constructability:

Working as a team we develop feasibility and constructability studies, analyzing project scope, site constraints, program requirements and how they relate to the available budget. This allows for a reasonable design and scope based on budget.


A successful preconstruction planning process is all about communication, keeping all team members informed. Good communication is critical to schematic design development as it relates to structural, mechanical systems, building materials and methods, overall design, scheduling and budget.

Value Engineering:

Achieving the desired goals through the most economical means of construction is the objective of value engineering. Value engineering is not all about getting the best price; it’s about getting the best value for each dollar. It’s an insightful, creative exercise by the team to develop design, alternates and building materials/ methods that are most cost effective yet maintain the integrity and design intent.


A good budget is not all about structure and finishes; it’s about costing the overall project. In addition to the actual building cost we prepare cost budgets for reasonable, foreseeable cost as they pertain to the project such as permitting, school fees, utility fees, logistic cost and soft cost that the builder may accrue. We prepare a comprehensive, detailed budget that can be tracked and studied as the project develops.


Preconstruction; Work with the team to develop comprehensive, detailed schedule as it relates to preconstruction activities. Including design process, story poles, plan milestones for budgeting, budget reviews, site preparation, temp utilities, asbestos inspections, permitting and construction start up.

Construction Schedule; Develop comprehensive, detailed schedule as it relates to the construction process of your project. Schedule will include milestones, critical dates, procurement dates, subcontract contract awards, shop drawings, submittals, fabrication, and installation.  Develop 6 week look ahead schedule.